Therapy Sessions with Kat Wilhelm

Type of SessionDurationPrice
Private MYT Session Official Sequence
Online until further notice –
In this online private yoga session, we will practice the official Meridian Yoga
Therapy Sequence that covers a range of meridians and points. This is a good start if
you haven’t had a Meridian Yoga Therapy session yet and you would like to
experience and feel the effect of the method on your body. All levels welcome, no
previous experience needed.
1 hour50 EUR
Private Custom MYT Practice Session
Requires First Treatment and Consultation Session
Online until further notice –
In this online session, we will practice your custom treatment plan. This is for you if
you need help sticking to your schedule or you would like assistance or some extra
attention practicing the „prescribed“ asana, methods and points.
45 mins40 EUR
First Treatment + Consultation – Online 1hr and up 88 EUR
Online until further notice –
Your first Meridian Yoga Therapie online session
– pre-assessment (MYT form)
– 1 hour online consultation + self acupressure (Zoom, Skype, Facebook call)
– custom treatment plan fit to our needs and preferences (can include asana, acupressure, diet)

1 hour prep
1 hour presence
+ custom plan
88 EUR
Follow-Up Treatment
Online until further notice –
In the follow-up session we will discuss your experience and reassess your needs
based on your progress.
45 mins40 EUR
I very much look forward to meeting you.
MYT is beneficial to all and should be available for everyone.

We live in such special times at the moment, so if money is an issue please contact me.