Meridian Yoga Therapy combines ancient Chinese and Yogic principles to remove
blockages + stagnation that may manifest as symptoms or dis-ease. Leave with a
deeper knowing of your body, foster your healing, balance your energy + release
stress and tension
Modern lifestyle poses its challenges resulting in emotional and physical patterns
that can get us uncomfortable, stuck or hinder us in daily or recreational activities.
Meridian Yoga Therapy combines ancient Chinese and Yogic principles to remove
energetic blockages and qi stagnation that manifest as symptoms or dis-ease.
Energy needs and wants to move and needs the space and open pathways. Energy is
influenced by our environment such as people or weather and by our emotions and
thoughts. A regular routine focusing on these pathways and points will aid our body
to return to a state of balance and health. These pathways are called meridians and
they distribute our energy in the body in the same way our arteries and veins
circulate our blood. The meridians run deep throughout the body and come close to
the skin at several points. These are the points where acupressure and acupuncture
points are located. When energies get stuck in the body, we can help the energy to
move and remove blocks by practicing movement such as yoga, acupressure,
acupuncture, manual therapy, sound therapy and the list goes on.
The practice will take you on a journey to dive deep into yourself and explore the
wonders of your body and the points and pathways running through it, fostering
healing, body awareness and energetic balancing. We will use asana, breathing
techniques and acupressure points to ease the flow of energy through these
channels and relieve stress, muscle aches, pain, tension, headaches, digestive issues,
anxiety, depression and postural issues.

About the meridians

Our vital energy (also called Qi or Prana) flows through a network of energetic
pathways in our body. Chinese Medicine calls them meridians, the Yogis call them

nadis. Along these pathways lie acupressure points. These pathways and points
connect our organs and their functions.
Imagine the underground train map of a larger city. Each train line is a meridian and
the stops are acupressure points. If there is an issue at one of the stops, it interferes
with the whole line. The location where two or more lines cross at an intersection
forms points of importance.
For energy and blood to be evenly distributed within our body, the pathways need
to be unobstructed. By holding certain asana and pressing acupressure points, we
can unblock and activate the points and pathways that run through our body,
restoring the natural functions of our tissue and organs. We can clear excess energy
or infuse deficient energy.